Saturday, July 14, 2012

Singapore Math Intensive Institute

I've just finished an amazing week at SDE's National Conference for Singapore Math.  I met teachers who are so devoted to finding ways to reach their children and teach them conceptually.  By Thursday, our brains were full, but we pushed on.  I was so sorry to miss the sessions on Friday, but my niece's wedding is Sat. and missing any part would have created major family drama.  I've heard Jana Hazekamp hit her lesson out of the park.  I haven't heard about Char Forsten's lesson yet, but I know Char well enough to know it was great.

The next big event is with Dr. Yeap Ban Har.  He'll be in Houston on Aug. 2-3, and the Chicago area on Aug. 6-7.  Ban Har is from Singapore and has served in a variety of roles there, including training their teachers and, currently working for Marshall Cavendish, the Singapore Math publisher.  I've had the pleasure of learning with him before.  If you have the chance to attend, grab it.  He teaches in depth and with intention.  You'll think about what you learn from him for months, if not years.  You will be changed and it will impact your teaching.

I know this is short if you can't make it, think about our National Conference in Las Vegas for 2013!  He'll be there for 2 days (and it's at the Venetian again!)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Number Bonds and Improper Fractions

Fractions are so challenging to our students.  We need to make sure we teach conceptually from the beginning and take our time.  This is a lesson I've taught many times with 4th graders who already know about number bonds.  It really helps them learn about how to turn improper fractions into mixed numbers.