Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Step Problem Solving with Second Grade

I love working with kids...and when I can't do it in person, I do it by email and sometimes, even, skype!  Theresa Trevino is an amazing second grade teacher in Houston, TX.  I saw a version of this problem at NCTM this week and wondered how her second graders would handle it.  Next week, I'm hoping to skype in and talk to them about it!

The problem reads
A zoo has 7 camels and some giraffes in a big corral.  There are 15 animals in the corral.  Then they got 4 more giraffes.  How many giraffes are there now?

You can see more solutions and some video clips by visiting Theresa's blog!   

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Word Problems with Fractions

Part of the common core standards asks our children to contextualize numbers.  When faced with a problem like this, do your students know if it's a multiplication or division problem?

Model drawing will help them visualize what to do with the numbers!  

Fractions are tricky!  Adding and subtracting is conceptually easy, but the procedure is tough.  Multiplication and division are the opposite!  It's easy to teach kids to invert and multiply, but why does that work?  If children understand WHY, they'll be much more successful in the short and the long run!