Monday, May 28, 2012

I do lots of professional reading, in lots of forms.  I read blogs, professional journals, spend way too much time on Pinterest, and even tear myself away from my ipad to read real books.  I'm so excited about Small Steps, Big Changes.  Chris Confer and Marco Ramirez have written a very practical book about some ways to make changes in school cultures.  This book, written from the perspective of a teacher, an administrator, and a math coach, would make a meaningful book study for leadership teams, district (math) coach teams, or even a whole school.  It's an easy read, highlighting eight practices:

  • Keep the end in mind
  • Understand the problem
  • The stance of a researcher (Making tough decisions)
  • The 80/20 rule (Making decisions for the good of 80%)
  • Patterns of talk (in the classrooms, the halls, and the teachers' lounge!)
  • Patterns in Content
  • Patterns in Instruction
  • Intentionality

While this book focuses on math, it's really about change.  It's a great book to pick up over the summer.  I promise you'll be pondering these important ideas.

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