Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Singapore Math and Equivalent Fractions

Roxanne, a fourth grade teacher from Toledo, sent me this problem.  There is often more than one way to draw a solution to a problem.  I always just look for a solution that the students have labelled, can explain, and makes sense to them.

I could have also drawn a unit bar, divided into fifths, than divided each section into three parts.  That would have achieved the same thing.  I love having multiple, visual approaches--and of course, it aligns to the practice standards of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practices!


Anonymous said...

In order for a certain lesson or topic to be easily absorb and understand by the children, the need of visualization either video, drawings or anything that can be visualize by the children is a must.This develops the comprehension and mental ability of the child in terms of word problem computations.Thanks a lot!

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MathRocksKAllen said...

5th graders in Texas will need this soon!! Hard to believe they are expected to do it in 4th grade in some places.

Mr.Shadow said...

Getting the students to do it is one thing, what about other teachers? Ricky trained me to teach other teachers and I have already implemented it in my classroom, however, I fear other teachers are not doing the same. Any good strategies on making sure they are completing their tasks and not dishing it off to the side like every other passing initiative?