Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adding a sidetab--Common Core Standards

I'm pretty impressed with myself.  If you're looking for information on the Common Core State Standards, you can pull them out from the side tab -------------------->

I learned how to do it from another website.  http://www.masteryconnect.com/learn-more/core-app.html 

We're all exploring the CCSS...and how they will change our thinking.  I'm just doing some work on this now and will share more with you as I go on my journey.  Here's my big "ah-ha."  This isn't a new set of standards or objectives.  This is about deeper thinking and problem solving.


Kitty said...

I had a great time at you Singapore Math Conference today. I was wondering how you would start teaching Number Bonds in a first grade classroom?

Ricky M said...

Did you see I posted something for you?