Thursday, August 9, 2012

Primary Workstations

I just returned from North Carolina, where we explored number sense through workstations.  There were kindergarten, first, and second grade teachers.
If I'm going to make a workstation, I want to make sure there are options built in (for me and the children) and differentiation in included in the workstation.

                                                       Shape Puzzles

 I used the school die cut machine to cut out shapes and assigned a each.  The kinder and first grade teachers worked with numbers within 10.  
 The second grade standard was working on adding by 10s to 120.  Some teachers went higher!

Changing the task to "Make a picture with a value of 100" really changed it.  It was way more difficult to reach the sum AND be creative.
If I were doing this with children, I would have used more (and better) colors.  We grabbed what was close by.  I think it shows the idea well.  The children also would label the picture, using the names of the shapes and their values.  FUN!!

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