Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Place Value Workstation

 I'll only make a workstation if it can be used more than one way or more at more than one level.  I wanted was working on some workstations for counting and place value for grades K-2 and something I saw on Pinterest sparked this idea.  Kindergarten students made their initials with unifix cubes and counted them, focusing on making tens.

The first and second graders built them with base 10 blocks.  It got interesting as we worked on making trades between 10s and 1s.

To get even higher values, we built names instead of initials.  Need more ideas?  Build spelling words or sight words!


Bethany said...

Fun idea! I like how it can be applied to different levels. :)

Ricky M said...

Thanks! I try and focus on workstations that can be easily differentiated.