Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Singapore Math Addition Strategies

We tend to think our children need to learn their math facts--then go to double digit addition, first with no regrouping, then with regrouping.  Once they can add two digit numbers, it should generalize to larger numbers.  But is it that easy?  Lately, during my workshops, I've been asking teachers to see how many ways they can find to add.  I do the traditional algorithm, just to take it out of the mix.  My wonderful North Carolina teachers came up with all these different ways to add numbers together.

We started talking about manipulatives.  Using Zolton Dienes theories, we went from proportional, everyday materials to non proportional materials.  Then we went to lots of our favorite Singapore Math strategies like number bonds (building 10s) and left to right addition (based on place value.

We also talked about other methods that children should be comfortable using--hundreds charts and open number lines.  Finally, we went to partial sums, which I think is a critical, missing piece.  The traditional algorithm is the last piece.

Thanks Murphey Traditional teachers for putting in the work to make this as a teacher anchor chart!  


gottschalk said...

Today I posted some of the part/whole problems around the classroom for student pairs to go around and make models/solve. I had one kid that needed more of a challenge, so I asked him to write more problems...
Here are his two problems: Joe bought 26 chairs. They each cost $7.25. How much mondy did he have to pay?

and Logan made 64 chairs. He needs 6 wood planks to make 2 chairs. How many planks does he need to make 64 chairs?

My problem is that i couldn't figure out how to make a model of them. Help?

gottschalk said...

(P.S. I realize that I posted this comment under an addition post... it was just the first post that came up. )

Ricky M said...

I answered you as a new post on the blog. Do you remember what the original question was?

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